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A New Choice
In Surgical Stapling

A New Choice
In Surgical Stapling
Breaking: New publication​
New publication featuring the largest ever patient cohort employing AEON (n=1,848) reveals superior clinical performance and a statistically significant reduction in staple line bleeding.
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We make one product.​
“We make one product. We make a stapler. We wake up every morning. We go to sleep every night. One product. It better work. It better work not only well, but the best in the world.” - Leon Amariglio, Founder and CEO
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New Clinical Study in Hepatobiliary Surgery​
New published study assessing clinical outcomes in distal pancreatectomy surgery finds AEON™ associated with significantly better results.
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Engineering is the core of everything we do.​
To make the best stapler, we must control our destiny. To build everything ourselves from the ground up. To be vertically integrated. To be singularly focused.
Clinical Evidence
Peer-Reviewed Published Clinical Study​
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