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3 Ways Lexington Medical is Disrupting Minimally-Invasive Surgery

Lexington Medical CEO Leon Amariglio

In this blog, Leon Amariglio, Founder & CEO, shares a glimpse into the history of Lexington Medical and the company’s cutting-edge manufacturing facility in Massachusetts (USA).

What makes Lexington Medical different is 3 key ways the company is disrupting the minimally invasive surgery market through engineering excellence, high quality manufacturing, and customer-centric support. Read on for more details.

Q: What makes Lexington Medical an innovative company?

A: Since the company was founded in 2013, Lexington Medical has been at the forefront of delivering innovative surgical solutions that help our surgeon partners and their patients. Our history demonstrates our commitment to offering a better choice in surgical stapling fueled by customer feedback.

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In the Spring 2020, we accelerated our innovation pipeline by releasing new product enhancements during the initial height of the COVID-19 global health pandemic which would take several months – if not years – for other manufacturers to bring to market.

The latest design now offers AEON with S3 Engineering, which exclusively delivers superior staple lines, smooth articulation, and a multi-speed gear. The AEON is the only stapler in the market with the multi-speed gear with a thick tissue mode to enable a 50% lower firing force resulting in improved staple formation. The AEON also has continuous articulation which allows for smoother and more precise positioning. Feedback from our surgeon partners has been overwhelmingly positive.

Q: What is unique about how the AEON products are designed and manufactured?

A: Strategically located in Massachusetts – the hub of a thriving healthcare technology community, leading universities and hospitals – we manufacture products incorporating the highest standards in design engineering and smart manufacturing. Watch this short video for a short glimpse into our state-of-the-art facility.

Consistently maintaining the highest quality is a focus for the company. That is why we have built an advanced manufacturing facility that is largely automated and are also uniquely positioned by using proprietary computer vision, design innovations and advanced engineering to deliver products with outstanding surgical performance. The company’s proprietary robotic technology and artificial intelligence systems for manufacturing and quality control allow us to continue to scale our operations as we meet the demands of a rapidly growing market.

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Many manufacturers in the US or other countries were forced to halt or delay production though as Boston-based and nimble medical device company we have continued to scale operations and accelerate investments R&D throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. We are proud of our cutting-edge facility and more importantly have been able to support our customers during challenging times. Simultaneously, our engineering team is rapidly growing as we are actively developing a next generation product that will further disrupt the market.


Q: How have Lexington Medical’s customers responded to working with the company?

A; We are fortunate to partner with leading surgeons at variety of facilities ranging from large academic centers, community hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers in over 20 countries. The AEON portfolio is being widely adopted as the stapler of choice by surgeons around the world for its proprietary features and exceptional staple formation. We consistently hear positive feedback from our surgeon partners who share they are not only impressed with AEON’s surgical performance but also the company’s responsiveness and timely release of product enhancements.


Leon Amariglio is the Founder & CEO of Lexington Medical. He is a successful entrepreneur and recognized med-tech innovator with over 35 issued or pending patents who aims to disrupt the status quo in surgical stapling.