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New study finds AEON™ associated with 70% reduction in post-operative pancreatic fistula rate

Postoperative pancreatic fistula formation (POPF) is the Achilles Heel of pancreatic surgery for hepatobiliary and upper GI surgeons¹. Clinical impact incidence remains high¹, and POPFs are associated with complications, hospital readmissions, and reoperations.

In a new study, patients treated using the AEON™ Endostapler were found to have a 70% lower POPF rate (p =0.022), a significantly reduced Day 3 Drain Lipase (475 U/L vs. 3951 U/L, p =0.022), and a 4 day shorter mean hospital length of stay (p = 0.014).


AEON stapler study done by Prof Aali Sheen with breakthrough results in HPB surgery surgical stapling

“…this data can recommend that the AEON™ stapler with the Orange cartridge (Open Height 3.25 mm, Closed Height 1.5 mm) has a positive role to play in transection of the pancreas…”

“Notable difference in drain output and drain lipase measurements after switching to the AEON™ stapler were considered important to investigate and report especially as a reduction in the POPF rate is probably the single most important post-operative outcome measurement for distal or lateral pancreatectomy.”

[1] Chikhladze, S., et al. “The rate of postoperative pancreatic fistula after distal pancreatectomy is independent of the pancreatic stump closure technique–A retrospective analysis of 284 cases.” Asian Journal of Surgery 43.1 (2020): 227-233.