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Groundbreaking Milestone: Lexington Medical launches AEON™ Powered Stapling System

Lexington Medical is thrilled to announce the FDA clearance and launch of the AEON™ Powered Stapling System, the most advanced next generation surgical stapling platform.

The new stapling system is designed to deliver the most optimized stapling experience and outcomes with the industry-leading AEON™ specialized reload menu.

“This represents a major step forward for Lexington Medical and a testament to our commitment to delivering advanced surgical stapling technology”, said founder and CEO Leon Amariglio. “Our team of talented engineers has achieved significant breakthrough with the AEON Powered Stapling System. We are excited to share it with surgeons and witness the transformative impact AEON™ will have on clinical outcomes.”

Surgeon feedback has been exceptional, “This stapler will be a game-changer and bring stapling to a new level,” said Josh Roller, MD. “The powered stapler is very ergonomic, lightweight, and extremely easy to use, all while producing an incredibly hemostatic staple line.” Yong Kwon MD shared his experience, “The staple line was gorgeous, very  hemostatic. I was very pleased with how it turned out and can’t wait to continue to use it.”

The AEON Powered Stapling System was launched in May 2024 and is commercially available in the United States. For more information about the AEON™ Powered Stapling System, made in the USA, please contact your local sales rep or inquire on our website.