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New publication reveals superior clinical performance

A new publication reveals superior clinical performance and a statistically significant reduction in staple line bleeding when using AEON™ in Roux-en-Y gastric bypass procedures. Both AEON™ and leading competitor were found to be safe and effective with low complication rates and comparable clinical performance in sleeve gastrectomy and single anastomosis duodenoileostomy with gastric sleeve procedures. […]

New study finds AEON™ associated with 70% reduction in post-operative pancreatic fistula rate

Prof Aali Sheen Breaking Study on AEON Endostapler successful results

Postoperative pancreatic fistula formation (POPF) is the Achilles Heel of pancreatic surgery for hepatobiliary and upper GI surgeons¹. Clinical impact incidence remains high¹, and POPFs are associated with complications, hospital readmissions, and reoperations. In a new study, patients treated using the AEON™ Endostapler were found to have a 70% lower POPF rate (p =0.022), a […]

‘Walk & Talk’ Tour at Bedford (MA-US) Manufacturing Facility

lexington medical facility tour

This episode of “Biomedical Design Stories” features Leon Amariglio, Founder & CEO and the specialized team at Lexington Medical. This series explores the Innovative Life Sciences ecosystem in Massachusetts with thoughtful discussions about Healthcare, Innovation, and Workforce. https://youtu.be/Un-pO6Dmp6k

We Are Growing

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Lexington Medical is experiencing rapid growth across the nation, and the world. We are trusted global partners. Learn more here. https://youtu.be/u1cFr-AB0PU

Employee Testimonial – Rolf Wildermuth

Rolf Wildermuth Lexington Medical is growing

Meet Rolf, Vice President, Europe. With over 30 years in health care, Rolf brings a wealth of experience and contributes every day to the company’s rapid growth in Europe. https://youtu.be/rzYHVwQMUZQ

AEON Customer Experience

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Hear feedback from our surgeon partners who have successfully performed hundreds of surgeries with AEON stapling products. http://lexington-med.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/AEON-Customer-Experience.mp4

Hemostasis Study

hemostasis study

Ground-breaking clinical study demonstrating that the AEON Endostapler is a significantly drier alternative, producing a more hemostatic staple line and decreasing the need for bleeding control methods. https://youtu.be/e4TP4PgcDqA

3 Ways Lexington Medical is Disrupting Minimally-Invasive Surgery

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In this blog, Leon Amariglio, Founder & CEO, shares a glimpse into the history of Lexington Medical and the company’s cutting-edge manufacturing facility in Massachusetts (USA). What makes Lexington Medical different is 3 key ways the company is disrupting the minimally invasive surgery market through engineering excellence, high quality manufacturing, and customer-centric support. Read on […]