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The only stapler offering the multi-speed gear, for better staple formation and superior hemostasis in thick tissue. [1][2]


For precise stapler positioning with fluid range of motion.

smooth articulation

The only stapler offering the proprietary short tip anvil design, for improved access in tight spaces and reduced tissue trauma caused by stapler blunting. See AEON™ short tip anvil in clinical use.


Three rows of protection with uniform staple height design, for better hemostasis and less bleeding.

aeon endostapler product training

30 unique reloads and growing, providing surgeons with the right tool for every tissue firing.

aeon surgical stapling reload

Better staple formation than the competitors when tested in ex vivo porcine model. [Internal Data on File]

Lexington Medical AEON stapler better than Endo GIA and Echelon Flex

Stronger staple lines with greater tensile strength. 

Lexington Medical AEON stapler tensile strength better than Endo GIA with Tri-Staple technology and echelon flex from Johnson & Johnson

You're in good company.

AEON™ in Clinical Use

Learn about minimally invasive stapling procedures and surgical techniques for surgeons. The video library is for illustrative purposes. Reference the Instructions for Use for proper use of the AEON Endostapler.

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