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Bringing endless innovation to surgical stapling with S3 Engineering™

S3 Engineering™

The most innovative feature in the surgical stapling category. Like downshifting on a bicycle to pedal uphill, switching to AEON’s Thick Mode gear reduces firing force for improved staple formation and superior hemostasis in thick tissue.


In head-to-head randomized controlled trials versus leading legacy competitors, AEON™ saw less bleeding and drier staple lines. [1][2]

Precise stapler positioning with fluid range of motion.

smooth articulation

Lexington Medical AEON stapler endostapler surgical stapling made in the USA

Engineering Excellence

Broad range of patented technologies designed by world-class engineers

Lexington Medical AEON endostapler with orange reload
Better staple formation in thick tissue
Advanced reload architecture
Stronger staple lines 
Smooth articulation
Multi-speed gear
Complete reload menu

Advanced Reload Architecture 

Delivering strong, hemostatic staple lines.

AEON stapler 60mm orange reload 3.25mm staple height

Precise clean transections with single-use anvil and blade design

3 rows of protection with uniform staple height

Better staple formation and less tissue crushing with I-beam localized compression design

Designed for improved surgical access with narrow 6-row anvils

Complete Surgical Stapler Menu

Widest menu of staple height offering

The AEON™ Endostapler accommodates tissue thickness ranging from 0.75mm to 4.0mm, the broadest range among all stapler brands.

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aeon surgical stapling reload options
Lexington Medical AEON stapler Staple Height Graph

Broadest selection of anvils

AEON™ provides surgeons with the optimal tool across a broad range of clinical applications, including the proprietary AEON™ short tip designed to reduce tissue trauma caused by stapler blunting.

Lexington Medical AEON stapler short tip reload

Universal handle

Each AEON™ handle is compatible with all AEON™ reloads. Use 30mm, 45mm, and 60mm reloads in a single surgery with a single handle.

Better Performance